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Surprise Proposal

Capture the magic of your surprise proposal through my lens. Every moment is unique and fleeting, filled with raw emotion and genuine reactions. Trust a professional to preserve this once-in-a-lifetime memory for you to cherish forever.


How to create a unique and memorable marriage proposal?

Crafting a unique marriage proposal is a significant moment that can be made truly special. Choose a location with emotional significance, prepare a personal message, and consider your partner’s individual preferences for an unforgettable moment.

How can I book a photoshoot for a secret proposal?

Booking a photoshoot for a secret proposal is easy! Contact me in advance, let’s discuss your ideas, choose the perfect location, and create a plan to capture this unique moment.

What is the cost of the secret proposal photoshoot service?

The cost of the service includes preparation, capturing the moment of the proposal, and subsequent processing and delivery of high-quality photos. Contact me to clarify details and plan a personalized experience.

What moments of the secret proposal will you capture in the photos?

I aim to capture every unique moment of the secret proposal, from the expression on your partner’s face as they realize what’s happening to the ring exchange moment. My goal is to preserve and convey all the emotional depth of this special moment.

How do you ensure confidentiality during the secret proposal photoshoot?

Ensuring confidentiality is my top priority. Before the shoot, we’ll discuss details and finalize the plan to guarantee that the proposal remains a surprise. I work professionally and discreetly to ensure your moment remains unique and special.